Mathematical Experiences Reflections

Over the course of the semester, we will link the course topics using themes: what mathematics is, what it has to offer, why it is useful, and the diverse ways that people can be successful at mathematics (including you!). The purpose of this assignment is an introduction to these themes as they apply to your past experiences.
  1. What do you think mathematics is (ie use your own ideas to define mathematics)?
  2. Describe a mathematical experience you had that was rewarding for you.
  3. Think back to the first mathematical experience you had that was destructive to your mathematical self-confidence. (We have all had such experiences - even Dr. Sarah!) Describe this experience.
  4. In the last question, you explored a negative mathematical experience. If you could rewrite your role in that experience in order to prevent it from being destructive to your mathematical self-confidence what would you change about your behavior and/or reactions?