Goal of Today's Lab: Every 1010 covers geometry and visual perspectives (in our case geometry of the earth and universe), algebraic argumentation (in our case finance), consumer statistics, and chance and probability. As we begin finance, we'll also think more broadly about equations, fractions and percentages, and interest.
You will turn in today's lab.
  1. Read through and briefly summarize the role and problems in using probability in financial forecasting
  2. Go through the Equations, fractions and percentages, and interest slides and respond to any questions
  3. Follow the directions on Approximate Course Average %
Be sure your name is on this and turn in your responses.

If you haven't finished up the Real-life rates assignment for tomorrow (turn in on paper), you can work on that here, or ask me any questions you have on percentages, decimals, the test or anything else before you leave.