Lab Directions - If you complete one part, begin working on the next part!

  1. Work on a MathSciNet search for authors (only works from school by clicking on the link from the class highlights page) for modern mathematicians (Erdos up until recent times) and other searches for other mathematicians to find the number of papers by your mathematician after Dr. Sarah models this by searching for herself.

  2. While the "Dodge Ball" game that might be easy to play, we'll see that it has connections to deep mathematical ideas that relate to infinity and Cantor's mathematics. Be sure that you are very specific in describing your strategy - at move "n" in the game, exactly what spot should Dodger take the opposite of? Put your name and class time at the top of the sheet and turn this in when you are finished.

  3. Read through the geometry of the earth and universe segment and click on the underlined links from the lab which can be accessed from the class highlights web page. You will be assigned a problem number soon and initial intuition will be presented just before the end of lab.

  4. Do a stock market update and show this to me.

  5. If time remains then take the first try of WebCT quiz 6 on
    web reading (hw) Fifty-Five Culteral Reasons Why Too Few Women Win at Mathematics by Patricia C. Kenschaft from Winning Women into Mathematics, 1990, p. 11-15,
    stats on women and minorities in mathematics (from class),
    Andrew Wiles and his mathematics,
    and Carolyn Gordon and her mathematics.
    Otherwise take this outside of lab.

  6. Complete the web readings due tomorrow (accessible from the main web page).

  7. If you have finished with everything listed above, then you work on test revisions and the grades assignment (attached to your test) due in one week and/or the mathematician assignment or readings for Thursday.

    November 11 - Mon
    1. Test 2 revisions and grades assignment (see papers attached to your test) for an extra +5/100 DUE at 6pm

    November 7 - Thur
    1. Readings and 11/5 Worksheets and suggestions for improvement due
    2. Presentations and Worksheets on Sophie Germain and Carl Friedrich Gauss

    November 5 - Tues
    1. Readings
    2. Presentations and Worksheets on Thomas Fuller and Maria Agnesi

Note: In order to ensure that everyone who wishes to do so can make it in to see me during the mathematician segment, I'm adding many extra office hours over the next few weeks... See the other side of this sheet for the list.