Depth of Responses on the Exam and Rough Course Average Calculation

  • Go to the grades section on ASULearn and look through that. Then fill in and calculate as follows:
    1. Participation consists of engaging material in and outside of class, like clicker and discussion, attendance and positive contributions during class, and turning in hw. These kinds of baseline activities will result in a participation grade of 7/10. Other activities can increase or decrease this grade. Utilizing office hours and ASULearn, asking and answering thought provoking questions, coming up with creative ways of thinking about the material, and explaining the material to others are some other examples of positive participation that will increase your grade, for example.
      Write down one of the following as a rough estimate of your
      participation in and outside of class:       5       7       8       9       10

    2. Did you turn in project 1? (If not, skip to part c.)
      If so write down the Projects total score grade out of 100 from ASULearn.
      Like many classes, your grade is a weighted average [exams are 50% of the grade and project 25%].
      So calculate (.5 exam average + .25 project average + participation in part a) × 10085
      Note that I take the 2 highest project grades, so you can replace any you don't want to keep in your average by completing more than 2 projects. Everyone will also complete the final research presentation, which is worth 15%-this is why the current grade is out of 85.
      Write it down and then skip to the last question.

    3. If you did not turn in project 1, your average is (.5 exam average + participation in part a) × 10060. Compute this.
      Note that you'll need to complete the next 2 projects since they are worth 25%. Everyone will also complete the final research presentation, which is worth 15%-this is why the current grade is out of 60.

    4. Write down your rough course letter grade. Note that the grading scale is a ten point scale:
      A (outstanding-Exceptional Achievement)       A ≥93       90≤ A- < 93
      B (very good-Extensive Achievement)       87 ≤ B+ <90       83 ≤ B <87       80≤ B- < 83
      C (satisfactory-Acceptable Proficiency)       77 ≤ C+ <80       73 ≤ C <77       70≤ C- < 73
      D (needs improvement)       67 ≤ D+ <60       63 ≤ D <67       60≤ D- < 63
      F (unsatisfactory)       below 60
    There are still plenty of opportunities for the grade to change and I am happy to help in office hours, the forum or class! If you aren't turning in all hw and attending class, that is a critical indicator, and you can improve your grade that way. If you are but are unhappy with the results, it may be that you are studying inneffectively. In that case, come see me so we can discuss ways to help you internalize the material better.