1. What was the point of Fisher's experiment on the Lady Tasting Tea?

    a) the sample was too small
    b) the sample was not diverse enough
    c) statistical significance can be obtained by deciding in advance what level of confidence we will accept as persuasive
    d) we can collect data in such a way that we can make reasoned inferences
    e) more than one of the above

  2. Which of the following (connected to both collecting data and to predictors) did you find most compelling?

    a) coincidences and random happenings can befuddle our intuition (like running into an old friend in the airport)
    b) sample size and random nature of selection is what is important---not the percentage of the overall population (like for chicken soup)
    c) placebos can be more effective than herbal treatments (like for St. John's wort)
    d) we can't assume that unusual data is incorrect (like the negative growth rate for US population in 1918)
    e) Leonardo DaVinci asserted that we are squares (in terms of armspan and height)