1. Which of the following are true about scale balancing according to the readings and our class discussions?
    a) The median is the center of a teeter totter with respect to location and divides the data in half.
    b) The mean is the center of a teeter totter with respect to distance from it
    c) We can see if the mean is higher than the median by considering if the data is equally weighted about the median as center tipping point
    d) all of the above
    e) none of the above

  2. Which of the following are true about boxplots?
    a) boxplots display the average as the top of the box
    b) boxplots are useful for comparisons
    c) both of the above
    d) neither a) nor b)

  3. With regard to the 1936 Landon and Roosevelt election Literary Digest poll, which predicted the winner as Landon
    a) The sample size was not large enough
    b) The sample was not diverse enough
    c) Landon would have won - but Roosevelt's win was due to a last minute change in sentiment
    d) I do not recall or I did not complete the homework readings
    e) Other

  4. Which of the following in the hw readings did you find most compelling?
    a) inconsistencies in scaling can lead to false interpretations
    b) averages: the average American or average salary of Lakeside school can be very misleading. Half of the people in the United States are not necessarily below average
    c) sampling pitfalls such as convenience sampling, voluntary responses, and asking the wrong question or misleading questions
    d) other