1. Do you think that being asked to mark down an A+ before a test would help you?
    a) very much so
    b) possibly
    c) probably not
    d) definitely not

  2. What does the y-intercept mean when x=#years and y=#tickets and the best fit line is y=-2.932x+55.038?
    a)police give out 55 tickets as they start the job
    b)tickets are going down by about 3 every 55 tickets

  3. r=-.86, so r2=73.96%, and this tells us that
    a)If you use the line to predict you'd get it right ~74% of the time.
    b)The y-value distances of the data to the line are small, and the line is a strong predictor of tickets

  4. Interpret the negative slope of the best fit line in this context.
    a) As the police has more experience they give out more tickets
    b) As the police has more experience they give out less tickets
    c) As the police has more experience the number of tickets don't change
    d) Did not complete

  5. The r2 value is strong but the line predicts that the police receives tickets after 25 years. Resolve the apparent conflict.
    a) There is a typo - the actual r2 value should be weak or not a predictor
    b) The mathematics of the r2 value and the prediction are correct: the police gets sloppy as they get older, causing them to be penalized.
    c) other reasons why the prediction doesn't hold up like extrapolation