1. Which did you find most compelling for why great circles are intrinsically straight and shortest distance paths?
    a) string pulled tightly
    b) masking tape
    c) toy car
    d) symmetry
    e) other

  2. Why is the Pythagorean theorem false on the sphere?
    a) Because we can create triangles with a hypotenuse the same length as the other sides, making a2 + a2 = a2 false for a triangle with nonzero sides.
    b) Because we can create the two base sides a and b with string, flatten and create flat_c, and put it back on the sphere to see that it is too long, ie: a2 +b2 = flat_c2 > sphere_c2
    c) Futurama says so
    d) all of the above
    e) none of the above, because the Pythagorean theorem is true on the sphere