The purpose of todays lab is to collect some class stats, further connect what we have been doing to the theme of what is mathematics, and explore the final research presentations.
  1. Go to ASULearn and take the Anonymous Advice for Next Semester survey.
  2. Note that the mathematics department sends out its own formal evaluations by email, which are also anonymous. A portion of class tomorrow will be devoted to those (and to research for the final project) so bring a laptop, tablet, phone, or similar, that you could connect to the internet. If you don't have such technology, let me know so I can bring something for you.

  3. Read through the following 3 readings and write down at least two items from each reading--bullet points are fine--that you found interesting, disagreed with, or had a question on. So you will have at least 6 items total:
    1. Mathematics the Most Misunderstood Subject [on ASULearn]
    2. Quantitative Literacy from this lab on the class highlights webpage, where the remaining links are located
    3. Adding up Fuzzy Math: Teaching the Basics
  4. Sell your stock using the original purchase price, and fill in the relevant column on the board

  5. Read through the final research presentations and ask me any questions as I make my way around. Write down one or more topics you would be interested in researching, and begin to look for some mathematical connections. We'll look for more during class tomorrow.