1. In a wraparound universe, we can head off in one direction and eventually come back around again. Which can be considered as wraparound universes?
    1. earth
    2. the full Euclidean plane with no identifications
    3. a square identified as per the Klein bottle, where the left and right sides are glued straight across, and the top and the bottom are glued with a twist/reflection so that left and right columns are swapped
    4. a. and c.
    5. other

  2. What were some of the applications of hyperbolic geometry?
    1. there are no applications
    2. building crystal structures to store more hydrogen or absorb more toxic metals
    3. modeling the internet, the brain and Mercury's orbit
    4. b. and c.
    5. other

  3. Which of the following could arthur square see (at some point in time) when a donut passes by?
    1. .
    2. --- (or a curved version of this)
    3. ---       --- (or a curved version of this)
    4. all of the above
    5. none of the above

  4. How many dimensions does lineland have in Flatland the Movie?
    1. one but I am unsure of why
    2. one and I have a good reason why
    3. two but I am unsure of why
    4. two and I have a good reason why
    5. other

    If a rope is put snugly around the equator of the world, and then 20 meters more rope is added, with the rope floating concentrically, who could fit underneath?
    a) An Amoeba
    b) Dr. Sarah
    c) Michael Jordan
    d) All of the above
    e) None of the above