1. With regard to Gallup's poll in the 1936 Landon and Roosevelt election, which predicted the winner as Roosevelt
    a) Gallup's sample size was not large enough
    b) Gallup's sample was not diverse enough
    c) Landon would have won - but Roosevelt's win was due to a last minute change in sentiment
    d) None of the above

  2. Which author did you find most credible?
    a) The Straight-Ticket Youth Vote by Patrick Ruffini, The NEXTRight
    b) Young voters not essential to Obama triumph by Tom Curry, msnbc.com
    c) They were both equally credible

  3. With regard to the 2008 election between McCain and Obama,
    a) Both articles claimed that younger voters were essential in North Carolina and Indiana.
    b) The exit poll data may not be representative.
    c) The authors disagreed about the impact of young voters in Florida and Ohio, and hence overall.
    d) More than one of the above