1. Appstate AWM trifold
    I like math because...
    Sticky notes to stick up answers
    Girls do this when they arrive -- this is listed as the first part of Step 2 of the earned badge

  2. MathCuffed and string cuffs (solution)
    If girls have done this already, then the pants activity

  3. Mathematics Awareness Month Poster
    Which career on this poster is most interesting to you? Sticky note.
    Instructions. Note the connection to the second part of Step 4 of the earned badge, as listed on the instructions.

  4. Sarah Harvey MathBusking Emergency Pentagon

  5. Dice game and F.N. David

  6. Evelyn Boyd Granville puzzle
    48 feet and 17 heads (solutions)

  7. Tower of Hanoi with 5 disks

  8. AWM handout puzzles (solutions are on the handout)
Before handing them a prize: Which activities did you try? Which did you like the best?