Program Description: Girl Scouts of America currently has a push for STEM activities and earned badges, but there is no existing mathematics badge (financial literacy badges are the closest). However, any unit can create official badges so we are creating an earned women in mathematics/my future in math badge. Girls grades 6-12 will interact with women mathematicians and learn about their career paths and what they work on in a Sonia Kovalevsky type program. Speakers include alumni from our program working in industry as well as faculty members. They will also learn about the Association for Women in Mathematics and Sonia Kovalevsky, and reflect and share what they've learned on the way to earning the badge (yes an actual badge!). We will pilot this badge and disseminate the program (and badge design) to others. Special badges like this are highly desired, so there is possibility for broad expansion.
  • 2014 and 2015 Programs
  • 2015 Badge Steps

    Thanks to everyone for making this day a success! Look for our next program in September 2016.

    Greenwaldian theorem on the sphere via string:

    Tracie Salinas Speaking:

    Amber Mellon Speaking:

    Girl Scouts Getting to Know Ashley Cox:

    Poster Making:

    Sample Poster:

    Earned Badges (with Ashley Cox, Amber Mellon and Sarah Greenwald)

    Earned Badge

    The Sarahs (Sarah Harvey and Greenwald)

    Sponsored by High Country Girl Scouts and the Mathematical Sciences Department at ASU. In cooperation with the Association for Women in Mathematics.

    Designed and organized by Sarah Greenwald, Amber Mellon and Jill Thomley.