Women in Mathematics Badge Steps

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  1. Learn about a woman who was not afraid to be a first in the field of mathematics
  2. Reflect on experiences in mathematics
  3. Learn about the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)
  4. Learn about careers in mathematics
  5. Share what you know
We designed the badge at the officially recognized make your own badge site.

Preliminary Badge Work

If possible, we would like for the girls to spend a few minutes researching Sonia Kovalevsky. Please note that because her name is Russian, there are many different spellings of it.
The questions are on
They should bring this information with them. If they can't complete these questions, we'll be happy to help them at the badge event!
Program Description
Mathematicians Involved with Girl Scouts
We began in 106 and then moved to 105 for the pi-athlon
We and the girls wear nametags to help make connections
We write SK quotations and names of Girl Scout mathematicians on the board to reinforce what they see in the talks
Our Pi-athlon
  1. What did you like about today?
  2. What was your least favorite thing about today?
  3. Would you tell a friend about this event?

Designed by Sarah Greenwald, Amber Mellon and Jill Thomley. We are happy for you to use our badge steps and design in your program.