Using the SUBMIT program

The following directions are for submitting a program for CS 1440 sections 101 and 103. Substitute the name of the assignment for "assign1" in the commands below. Make sure that all of the files related to the assignment are included in your submission, i.e., do not submit files separately.  Thus, all files that you are submitting are in one directory.  For instance: all programs and files related to assignment (1) are the assgn1 directory.  Similarly, all files for lab (2) are saved in lab2 directory.   If you do not use the correct directory name, you will get an error when you attempt to submit the files.
    Give the following command to turn in your files for assignment (1) (replace assgn1
    with assgn2 if you will submit the files for assign2:
                   % ~rt/bin/submit1440_101 directory files(s)
                   % ~rt/bin/submit1440_103 directory files(s)
    Section (101): % ~rt/bin/submit1440_101 assign1 file1.C file2.C ...
    Section (103): % ~rt/bin/submit1440_103 assign1 file1.C file2.C ...
Every time you will substitute the names of the files you want to submit for file1.C file2.C, etc.
You may submit the program multiple times and each of the submissions will be stored
separately.  You may also use wildcards in the file names, e.g., 

    % ~rt/bin/submit1440_101 assign1 *.C (This means all codes that have .C extension)

If you just type:

    % ~rt/bin/submit assign1

    you will get a message saying how many times you have submitted
    the assignment and a listing of the file names and their sizes
    in your most recent submission.