CSEMS Seminar -Class Activities
Thursday April 26
CSEMS end-of-semester gathering. Discussions and recruitment opportunities.
Some former scholars, faculty of other departments, high school consulars, and some prospetive students will join the CSEMS Team.

Friday April 20
Class meets with the teams who didn't presents and/or those scholars who were unable to attend the Research Day to discuss the Final Presentations.

Thursday April 19
Research Day

Friday April 13
On your own
Preparing for the Research Day Talks OR Research Report Due on April 27 for those teams which are not presenting at the Research Day.
You can use one of the labs to do your work.

Friday April 6
Dr. Alexander D. Schwab, Department of Chemistry, ASU
Polymeric Networks
Polymeric Networks are mainly used in rubber materials.

Friday Mar 30
Working in a big company such as Lowe's. Hear from your former peers on job prospects, expereinces, and expectations.
Lead by Mr. Paul Norwood of Lowe's

Friday Mar 23
Room 103 A - Walker Hall (Department of Mathematical Sciences)
Luis Trevino, PhD, Senior Scientist, 2L Research Group
Title: Integrated Networks for Understanding Sensed Environments For Improved Propulsion Test Operations

Friday Mar 9
Dr. Eric Marland , Department of Mathematical Sciences.
Dr. Eric Marland , Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Friday Mar 2
"A Geographer Examines the Recent Political Upheaval in Bolivia"
Dr. Kathy Schroeder , Department of Geography and Planning
Dr. Schroeder's research interests include global economic restructuring and issues of gender and development.

Friday Feb 23
"Computer Applications in Science Teaching and Learning"
Dr. Max Dass, Department of Biology, ASU.
Dr. Dass is an expert in Science Education and in Professional Development of K-12 Science Teachers

Friday Feb 16
My experience in the GIS industry with a Math, CS, and Geography education
Carmen (Talley) Durham
Senior GIS Analyst
City of Greenville, SC

Friday Feb 9
Adam Reagan - Former CSEMS Scholar, Currently an Application Developer with the Ascheville City School
Life After Graduation: My experiences and how to find the job you're looking for

Friday Feb 2
Discussion of the National Freshman Attitudes Report
Study Group Established for CS1, Calc I and Calc II

Friday Jan 26
Discussion of the Projects. 3rd week of April Research Day
All freshman forms are due. What can we do to further improve the program.
ACMSE Conference on Friday March 23 and Satruday March 24, Winston Salem
The Scientific Method: A Model for Conducting Scientific Research

Friday Jan 19
Dr. Chris Thaxton, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Discrete Particle Model for Granular Flow Physics and Sediment Transport Simulation

Assignment for next class:
Stay Tuned - TBA

Friday Jan 12
Syllabus - Introduction
Mentoring groups.

Assignment for next class:
Establishing peer-mentoring with freshmen CS/Math majors.