CSEMS -Class Activities
Spring 2004
Wed Feb 25
Mr. Jeremiah Hollstrom our graduate scholar from Math and Science presented his thesis reseach activities.

Wed Feb 18
Mrs. Melissa Mogensen our graduate scholar from Math and Science presented a session on "How to prepare effective presentations".  Her presentation can be found at: How to prepare presentations. This file is in PPS format. You either have to save it to view it in PowerPoint or use IE to view it on the web.

Wed Feb 11
Professor Frank Barry of Computer Science at Appalachian gave a presentation on "Learning to Invent…. ….Inventing to  Learn ".  A copy of this presentation can be found at: Power Point.

Wed Feb 4
Dr. Tashakkori talked about resume preparation. Then he met with each team to discuss their progress until now. For more details please visit: http://careers.appstate.edu/. Also visit the CareerPath.com.

Wed Jan 28
Dr. Dee Parks of Computer Science presented a talk in Bioinformatics.  Her talk was based on the presentation by Dr.
Debra Burhans.  The source of her presentation can be found at: http://www.cs.appstate.edu/~dap/biflec1[1].pdf

Wed Jan 21
Dr. Tashakkori discussed the projects and explained how students will work on their projects throughout the semester.  He also presented the lockers problem and different teams started discussing it.    A summary of that problem comes below:

There are 10000 lockers on a campus.
10000 students will line up to get into the building which holds the lockers
Student one goes in there and opens all locker doors
Student two will goes in closes every other locker door
Student three goes in and closes every third,
Process continues until the last student gets in

Determine, which lockers will stay open at the end.

Wed Jan 14
Syllabus, Building Five mentoring groups with 4 member in each group

Group 1:
Leader(s) - Michael Douraghi (Math) and Gary Kreahling (CS)
Members: Sholanda Goodwin (CS) and Dan Quigley (CS)

Group 2:
Leader(s) - Jeremiah Hollstrom (Math) and Brent Woodruff (Math)
Members: Celes Alexander (Math) and Jane Butts (Math)

Group 3:
Leader(s) - Chris Ellsworth (CS)
Members: Patrick Wiggins (CS),  Jess Styles(Math), and Corie Pressley (CS)

Group 4:
Leader(s) - Tim Racz (CS) and Augustus  Miraglia (CS)
Members: Chris Flanigan(CS) and Kendell Brooks (CS)

Group 5:
Leader(s) - Elizabeth Duea (CS)
Members: Sarah Handerson (CS), Keith Fancher (CS), and Tyler Foster