CSEMS Seminar -Class Activities
Thursday Dec 7 - FINAL EXAM noon-2:30
Presentation of Projects
Thursday, December 7, 2006 from Noon - 2:30 PM

Friday Dec 1
Report on Projects
For undergraduate scholars applications for 2 Internships are due
Graduate Students may instead show 2 job applications or 2 applications for admission to a graduate program.
Final Project/Report
Final Exam - CSEMS Fall 2006
1. A 10-15 minutes presentations on your research. All students must be involved. You can use PowerPoint files, transparencies, or even blackboard presentations for as long as you demonstrate the work you have done throughout the semester.
2. 3 to 5 page report (double spaced, font 12, with 1. margins all around).

Friday November 24
Thanksgiving Break

Friday November 17
Dr. Tonya Coffey - Department of Physics and Astronomy
Physics of the Bubbles

Friday November 10
Pizza and Social gathering with the Faculty
Short talk on an assessment Tool developed by Mitch Jareo

Friday November 3
Computational Biology Conference - Broyhill Inn, 7:00 pm.
Plenary Speaker - TIMBER Conference

Friday October 27
Dr. Rene Salinas - Department of Mathematical Sciences
"Space: The next Frontier in Ecological Modeling"

Friday October 20
Fall Break

Friday October 13
Teams 5 minute Presentation - Midterm Reports on Research Projects

Friday October 6
Dr. Eric Allain - Department of Chemistry
Enzyme Optimization for Cell Free Production of Fuel Ethanol

Friday Sep 29
Sara Henderson - Former CSEMS MATH Scholar, Wachovia Operations, Technology, and eCommerce Associate and Internship Programs PPT File

Friday Sep 22
Brent Woodruff - Former CSEMS MATHi/CS Scholar, Appalachian Academic Computing Services
Class discussions of the projects and Mentoring

Friday Sep 15
Gus Miraglia - Sharing an Experience, Summer Internship at Lowe's
Nathan Vish - iSharing a summer experience
Assignment (3) was given

Friday Sep 8
CSEMS Graduate Students' Presentation:
Kathryn Reid - ClockIt
Darren Greene - Distributed Computing

Friday Sep 1
Discussion of the Assignment (1)
Presentation by Dr. Tashakkori - Digital Image Processing
Introducing ImageJ
Assignment (2) was given

Friday Aug 25
Syllabus - Introduction
Mentoring groups.
Requesting an e-mail for possible activities we may have in CSEMS seminar
Reminding T-Shirt design

Assignment for next class:
One page write up is due at the beginning of the class and a class discussion will follow.

Assuming you are graduating this semester and plan to enter the job market or go to graduate school. You may or may not want to do something in your respective fields so that is not a major concern now. Individually, investigate a recent study, an article in a journal, or a paper where it discusses the demands of the new market or new graduate schools. As a team come up with five different items that you think are necessary for your new adventure. Site your references in your write up. Summarize by answering these questions, how can you be part of the preparation for yourself and for others for this adventure? How can we be more successful in preparing you? Note: Unless indicated all papers are written in font 12 single spaced, with 1. margins on all sides.