CSEMS Seminar -Class Activities
Final Exam Day
Internship applications are due.
Talks on robot projects you have done.

Wed Nov 30
Resume writing workshop by Mrs Sharon Jensen.
Resume is due for all students, graduate and undergraduate.

Wed Nov 23
Thanksgiving Holiday

Wed Nov 16
Pizza and Movie. Time to be decided.

Wed Nov 9 Robot lab.
Group discussion: Dr. Palmer talked about different medical imaging modalities. She talked about CT, MRI, X-Ray, and ultrasound imaging.
How radiation of different types interact with human body. What types of interactions are happening when different radiation enters human body.
hint: A baseball bounces back when it hits a wall but it may go through a sheet of paper.

Wed Nov 2
Dr. Trina Palmer - Department of Mathematical Sciences
Title: Mathematics of Medical Imaging

Wed Oct 26
Dr. Sarah Greenwald, Department of Mathematical Sciences, ASU. Title (TBA)
Group discussion:
Have a group discussion on how we can connect cs and Math and vice versa.
CS students, where in CS math should be used.
Math students, where in Math cs should be used.

Wed Oct 19
Robot project. We will work on another assignment from the book as a group.
Group discussion:

Wed Oct 12
All groups should be ready to demo ther first three projects from the robot book. We will start looking at more complicated projects.
Group discussion:

Wed Oct 5
We will meet in the X-Term lab (Room 336) to work on the robot project
Group discussion: Let's get the Robots loaded with the first two small programs. If I couldn't get a lab, then I will ask a few of you to bring laptops so we can do this in class.

Wed Sep 28
Robots were given out. We will start working on them next week.

Group discussion:
I have given you an article "U.S. Losing Ground in Education" to provide you some back ground information. As a group investigate the problem and come up with 5 suggestions that you think may help resolve the problem. Look into issues that are affecting (affected) you or your school. There are many different research papers on this subject. Make sure to reference at least 2 of them along with the list of suggestions you have come up with. Submit a single page and be ready for class discussions.

Wed Sep 21
Sharing an Experience - Students Presenting at Conferences.
Chris Ellsworth. Presentation

Group discussion:
How do robots work? How do we give instructions to robots? How our instructions get translated to something that machines understand them?

Wed Sep 14
Internship Experience
Ms. Sarah Henderson, CSEMS Scholar. Presentation
Group discussion:
Hurricane Katrina caused significant damage in LA, AL, and MS. New Orleans, which is built below the sea level, was flooded with a large amount of water. In order to start evaluating and conducting reconstructions, pumps were installed to pump the water back to the lakes and the gulf. I am wondering if we can come up with an intelligent guess for the amount of water (perhaps in gallons) that went into New Orleans after the levee broke down. Please conduct some research, investigate the problem, and discuss it as a group. Please submit a one-page report on what you have found. Also, include an explanation on how the town stayed dry despite being below sea level.
The Geography of New Orleans

Wed Sep 7
Internship Experience
Mr. Miraglia, Augustus Alexander, CSEMS Scholar
Mr. Quigley, Daniel Paul, CSEMS Scholar

Assignment (1) - Undergraduate students have to have at least three places to which they will apply for an internship. Type the name of these places with the complete address, web page link, deadline, and possible positions that are available.
Graduate students and team leaders; if you are not applying for an internship, submit a similar document with names of graduate programs to which you may apply or three job opportunitiesi for which you may apply.

Wed Aug 31
Discussion of the latest News in CS and MATH. Please see the links on our resources page. This may not be the only sources you will use to find a news and discuss it among your group before class on Wednesday.

Wed Aug 24
Syllabus - Introduction
Mentoring groups were established. We have 8 groups.