CS1531 - Assignment (1)
Due: Jan. 23 and 30, 2003

Please note that this assignment has two components:
1) Individual Part - Due Jan. 23: A one-page report on the paper.  You are to write a short report on the paper that is assigned and include 4 questions related to the topic discussed in the paper at the end of your report.  Your name and group number should appear at the top of this one-page report.  For example:

Individual Report (1) CSEMS Seminar II
Your Name, Group (1)

2) Group Part - Due Jan. 30: A group discussion and report.  You are required to discuss the paper in your group and highlight its significance in a short summary.  This discussion must be made in a group meeting.  You are to write a one-page report based on your group discussions.  This report should be typed in font 12.  The group member and names should appear at the top of your report. For example:

Group Report (1) CSEMS Seminar
Group (1) List all names

You also need to fill out one meeting form for each time that you have met to discuss the paper and submit it/them with your report. Your report must be without spelling and obvious grammatical errors.  You should be able to edit the report as a group.

You may include other related papers that you have read as part of your group discussions. In your report you are required to propose at least one method related to the topic of the paper that can be used as a model in the CSEMS program.