Fri Nov 9
The file you need Right Click and Save on your PC then Browse to it when during the installation.

Fri Oct 26
Complete the activities of Chapter (3) of the SAS Miner. See the file below. Predictive Modeling using Regression
You may not have the library CRSSAMP among your libraries. If you don't, then you need to get this file copie into one of the libraries you already have in the Miner. To do so, right click on this file MYRAW and save it somewhere on your machine. While SAS is open, double click on the file to opne it in SAS, then save it as MYRAW into one of the libraries on the left side of the screen. When you go to the Input Data Source, you will see this file under the library you have it.

Tue Oct 23
One Neural Networks Problem is due today.
Lab 2
Lab 3
Assignment and lab work for next week. Complete Chapter (3) of the SAS Miner. See above i(Friday Oct 26 activities) for details.

Fri Oct 19
Introduction to Neural Network

Tue Oct 16
Chapter (4)

Fri Oct 12
Fall Break

Tue Oct 9
Exam (1)

Fri Sep 28
Finishing Chapter (2)
Assignment (4)

Tue Sep 25
Paper (3),
Continue Chapter (2), Worksheet

Fri Sep 21
Continue Chapter (2)

Tue Sep 18
Discussion of paper 2 - Data Mining for Lifetime Prediction of Metalic Components, E.Ge, R. Nayak, Y. Xu, and Y. Li
Lab (1)

Reading the Iris Data from a comma delimeter file and store it as SAS
/* read the input file with variables separated by commas */
data irisdata;
infile irisFile delimiter=',';
input PL PW CL CW Class $;
/* Storing the data we just read as a SAS dataset */
LIBNAME disk "C:\Documents and Settings\Instructor\My Documents\My SAS Files\9.1\";
data disk.test;
set irisdata;

Fri Sept 14
Iris Data Comma Dilimeter

Sample File to read a comma delimiter input data
/* Set the path to the file as a variable */
filename irisFile 'c:\SasFiles\irisData.txt';
data irisdata;
infile irisFile delimiter=',';
input PL PW CL CW Class $;
PROC means DATA=irisdata;

See more on reading data in SAS at: Here

Tue Sept 11
Chapter (2) - Discussion of the first paper.

Fri Sept 7
Chapter (2)

Tue Sept 4
The first SAS Sample file:
Sample input file: oreders.dat
First paper was assigned to be read by Next Tuesday.

Fri Aug 31
Discussion of Assignment (1), Appendix C of the textbook

Tue Aug 28
Finished Chapter (1)