Assignment (6)

Due Friday April 9, 2004


In Lab (5), you created a scene where you had a large box inside which you had two smaller boxes at the exact same distances (on x) from the center.  I asked you to place the center of the box at y = 0, z = 0, and adjust the x as needed to place the two boxes evenly on both sides.  You were able to move in and out of the large box using the keyboard and make it turn around different axis using the mouse.  We want to keep all of these functionalities.


As a challenge, I asked you to make the system of both boxes turn around the y axis. I also asked you to make the two small boxes turn around two different axes, perhaps one around y and the other around x, while the system of both together rotates around y.  See the drawing below.


In Lab(6), you learned about lighting and material properties. 


I want you to use the programs we have used in these two labs, but replace the boxes in Lab(5) with spheres.  You can use the predefined function call (glutSolidSphere) to draw a sphere. You need to find more information about this function on your own. You can use the online material on the web page of the course.


To make a meaningful scene, you need to add lighting. Since the scene is significant inside the large box, perhaps you only need light inside that box. I will let you be as creative as you wish, but create a meaningful scene. Your project should have the two spheres turning as I described above and shown below.  Also you have to use a good color and lighting combinations to visualize the scene very well.




Please e-mail your program as an attachment.  No hard copy is needed for this assignment. Make sure your name is on the program.