Take Home – Graphics
Due Monday March 23 class time

This take home has 4 parts. Please submit each part separately and in the Subject Line write the Part Number.

Part(1) - Create the fractal shown at the bottom of this document. Note, I have walked you through the steps for this part shown as Part (1) below.
Part (2) - Make the fractal rorate counter clockwise around its center. This is perhaps the hardest to figure out, but once you go through the steps I have shown to create the final shape, you will figure it out.
Part (3) - Make the fractal rotate in different direction as you press the Right Mouse Button.
Part (4) - Create a menu that is attached to the Left Mouse Button which provides Exit as one item and change of color which by itself is a menu of six different colors as its second item.

Write an OpenGL program that uses a recursive process to create the shapes shown at the end this document. Below I have shown some figures to help you understand the recursive process for producing this final Figure. You do not need to show or send me a program for any of the intemdiate steps. Please only submit one program for Part (1) that produces the final image.
You can use the snow flakes program as the base to create the final shape.

You may start by creating simpler shapes first as you did with the snow flakes project. This is the output of the simple version of the program at iteration 1; i.e.; n = 1; 
Note that the starting point was a straight line that was made by connecting 2 end points.  Exactly the same as it was for snow flakes.

Simple shape - Iteration 1

Simple Shape - Iteration 2

simple 3
Simple Shape - Iteration 3

The complete program when all 4 sides are included after one iteration will proced results that look like the following.

Complete version - Iteration 1

Complete Version - Iteration 2

Complete Version - Iteration 3
Complete Version - Iteration 4