Spring 2009 CS 4465 Class - Summary of Activities by date

Fri April 24
Final Projects are DUE on April 30 by 5:pm

Wed April 22
More on Chapter (6)
Demo 1 on Light
In the following program, play with the following two lines use one at the time:
Demo 2 on Light
Demo Spot Light

Mon April 20
Chapter (6)

Fri April 17
Short discussion of the Exam, Lab (9)

Wed April 15
Exam (2) - Lab Part, Chapters 1-5, Lab 1-8

Mon April 13
Easter Break

Friday April 10
Exam (1) discussions
Lab (8)

Wed April 8
Exam (2) - Written Part, Chapters 1-5, Lab 1-7

Mon April 6
Cube with Shadow
Light and Shadow

Mon April 3

Fri Mar 27
Cube with View

Fri Mar 20
Begin Chapter(5)
Take Home Due Monday March 23 class time

Wed Mar 18
Lab (5)

Mon Mar 16
Discuss problems on Exam (1)
Creating a triangle at the center of screen
Rotating Triangle
Rotating Triangle that changes directions with the Right Mouse Click
Rotating Triangle with Menu and Sub-Menu for color, ...
Back to Chapter (4)
The game Assignment and the current post-lab is due on Friday

Mon Mar 9, 11, 13

Fri Mar 6
SIGCSE - No class - made it up last week

Wed Mar 4
Chapter (4)

Mon Mar 2
Return EXAM (1)
Chapter (4)

Fri Feb 27
EXAM (1) - 12:00-1:40

Wed Feb 25
Cube with Array List
Chapter (4)
Hint for the game program
//This method allows you to write a text of some length
//on the screen, you need to include string.h at the top of your
//program. it won't hurt to have stdio.h as well.
//You need to define your font too. I have used:
void *font = GLUT_BITMAP_TIMES_ROMAN_24; // output font type
void text_out(float xText,float yText, char *string, int len) // pass coords. and string
int i;
len = (int) strlen(string);
for (i=0; i <= len-1 ; i++) //you can use < len
glutBitmapCharacter(font, string[i]);

//A call to this function can be:

This is a very simple example of a write score function:
void writeScore()
char newScoreString[255] = {0};
sprintf(newScoreString, "SCORE: %d", hitCount);
text_out(2,(maxY-10),"Hits",6);//maxY is height of screen

Mon Feb 23
Discuss Snow Flakes Program
Chapter (4)

Fri Feb 20
Lab (4)

Wed Feb 18
Simple Paint Program

Mon Feb 16
Draws a Square with Mouse Control
Display List and Mouse Control
Illustrating menu and Sub-menu
Chapter (3)

Fri Feb 13
Illustration of Bitmap Fonts
Chapter (3)

Wed Feb 11
Background for Snowflakes Program
A simple program for Hidden Surface Removal

Mon Feb 9
Gasket Program using Lines
Gasket Program using Ranodm Points

Fri Feb 6
Lab (2)

Wed Feb 4
Continue Chapter (2)

Mon Feb 2
Continue Chapter (2)
Drawing Geometric Objects-Chap2 Red Book

Fri Jan 30
In Lab activity, Complete on your own today

Wed Jan 28
Simple Line Draw with using x, y coordinates
Simple Line Dar using x,y pair data type
Creating Sierpinski Gasket with Random Points

Mon Jan 26
Lab (1)- Post Lab due Fri Feb 6.

Fri Jan 23
Quiz (2) - Pinhole Camera Model
Begin Chapter (2)

Mon Jan 21
Chapter (1)
Assignment (2), assigned. Due Wed Jan 28

Mon Jan 19
Martin Luther King Holiday

Fri Jan 16
Finishing the Introduction to Linear Algebra
Quiz (1)
Starting Chapter(1)

Wed Jan 14
Introduction to Linear Algebra
Assignment (1) posted, due next Wed

Mon Jan 12
Introduction, Syllabus