Spring 2007 CS 4465 Class - Sumamry of Activities by date

Wed April 17
Exam2 Lab part - Basic file

Mon Feb 26
Drawing a Cube

Mon Feb 19
Mouse, menue, and Simple Draw

Fri Feb 16
Lab (4)

Wed Feb 14
Affine Transformations

Mon Feb 12
Use of idle() call-back function.

Fri Feb 9
Lab (3)

Wed Feb 7

An example for Display List Display List Example with Some Keyboard Option
An example for Menu/Submenu Draws a Square and Provides a Submenu to Change size

Mon Feb 5
More on Display List
Introduction to Mouse Control
Drawing a town using display lists

Fri Feb 2
Lab (2)

Wed Jan 31
Worked on Chapter (3)

Mon Jan 29
Continued with Chapter (2)
Program that draws a triangle and allows viewport
Program that creates Shades of Blue
A program that displays text using bitmap fonts

Fri Jan 26
Starting with the Gasket_2D_Line program and creating a shape like the one shown below:

Wed Jan 24
Two Dimensional Transformations
Review of Linear Algebra and Statistics

Mon Jan 22
Chapter (2)
We talked about creating polygons and coloring them.

Fri Jan 19
Gasket program with points
Gasket program with Lines
Continue with the lab activity of last Friday.

Wed Jan 17
Lecture - Chapter 1

Mon Jan 15
MLK Holiday

Fri Jan 12
Lab (1)

Wed Jan 10
Start Chapter 1, Section 1.1 Mon Jan 8
Introduction, Syllabus, and Computer Usage Policy from.