CS 4465 - Computer Graphics
Section 101 Course Syllabus - Spring 2006

Professor: Dr. Rahman Tashakkori, e-mail: mailto:rt@cs.app.edustat
Office: CAP 121, Office Phone: 262-7009
Office Hours: MWF: 8:30-11:00, MWF:12:00 - 1:00, and Open Door Policy
Class Time/Location: Monday 1:00 - 1:50/CAP 110
Course URL: (http://www.cs.appstate.edu/~rt/cs4465/s06/)
Final Exam: Wednesday, May 3, 2006 from 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Course Description:
Fundamental concepts of computer graphics. Topics include hardware and software systems, scan conversion of graphics primitives, color and color perception, modeling of curves and surfaces, clipping, anti-aliasing, model-view and projection transformations, light and shading, and hidden surface removal. Prerequisites: CS3460 (Data Structures) and MAT2240 (Linear Algebra). I strongly believe students need a C or better in Data Structures to do well in this course.

Topics Covered:
We will try to cover most of chapters 1 - 7, 9 and 10 in our text.

Grading Policy
Your grade will be determined by the following components:
Attendance is required; each unexcused absence after the first three will lower your semester average by 3 points.

All assignments are due at the start of class on the due date. No assignment will be accepted once the solution is discussed in class. Homework assignments and announcements will usually be posted on our Web page; you are responsible for checking this page at least once after each class.  All assignments MUST be completed individually

In addition to the final exam, there will be 2 other exams in this course, all cumulative.  No make-up exams will be given in this course.  If you missed an exam due to an "Extreme circumstances" such as illnesses, death of a relative, or problems of this nature, you have to present documents (e.g. a letter from a doctor, a letter from a hospital, or an obituary from the funeral).  In such a case, your final exam's grade will be used for the missed exam.

We'll have a mix of announced and unannounced quizzes throughout the semester.

Final Project
The final project is usually a game, a simulation, or an animation that you will develop using OpenGL.   All projects must be completed individually.  The instructor may assign the same project to the entire class or may allow a student to work on a project with his prior approval.  Note that a student without a complete project will not receive a passing grade for the course.

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