Computer Graphics - Semester Project
Spring 2006
Due Monday May 1, 2006 (5:00 pm)
As we discussed in class you are to create a small town with a few houses and streets. These houses should be in 3-D and you should be able to enter from the doors and look around. Your project must be such that it demonstrates that you have learned about all the things we have been discussing in class this semester. It should include examples that show:

Shadow (Click here for help)
Moving in the scene

You may include a game in your program. One suggestion is to have players (viewers) pick up some good things that are randomly placed in different locations and give positive points for those and avoid some bad things and give negative if you walk on them. I want you to be as creative as you can be. I want at least one thing that rotates, in your project, something like a globe. You should be able to move around in your town.

Note that in my syllabus I have indicated that if you do not have a passing grade in the project you wonr't pass the course.