CS4465 -Class Activities

Fri April 20
More on texture Mapping
More on texture mapping: Texture Mapping (1)

More advanced texture mapping (mipmaps) mipmaps

More advanced texture mapping (basic + Intro to rovRay) mipmaps

Even More advanced texture mapping (RovRay) Rov Ray
A program to help you with the next programming assignment. Display Text on A scene

Wed April 18
Lab(8) - texture Mapping (Room 336 XTerm lab)

Wed April 15
Lab(7) - Checker's Board Game

Wed April 13

Wed April 11

Wed April 6

Mon April 4
Review and Start the new chapter

Fri April 1
Lab (6)
Assignment (8) Due 9:00 pm Wed April 13
Assignment (7) is due by class time - no programming involved

Wed Mar 30
Finishing Chapert (6)

Mon Mar 28
Easter Break

Fri Mar 25
Chapter (6)

Wed Mar 23
Creating Shadow

Mon Mar 21

Fri Mar 18
Lab (5)

Wed Mar 16
Chapter (5)

Mon Mar 14
Chapter (5)

Mon Mar 7, Wed Mar 9, and Fri Mar 11
Off for Spring Break
Study hard and have fun too.

Fri Mar 4
Exam(1), Chapters(1, 2, 3, and 4)
Continue Chapter(5)

Wed Mar 2
Exam(1), Chapters(1, 2, 3, and 4) postponed to Fri Mar.4
Short review for exam.

Mon Feb 28

Fri Feb 25

Wed Feb 23
Will finish Chapter(4) Transformations in homogeneous coordinate

Mon Feb 21
Bilinear Interpolation and Vertex Arrays

Fri Feb 18
Chapter(4) Linear Algebra Review

Wed Feb 16
Chapter(4) Linear Algebra Review

Mon Feb 14
Solution to Assignment(4)
Started CHapter (4)

Fri Feb 11
Lab(3) A program for you to look at: The Rotating Square

Assignment(4) Due

Wed Feb 9
Quiz (4)
Continued Chapter (3) Mouse and Menu
Help on fractal assignmentCreating snowflakes, help for assignment, Picking, draw program
A note on Lab (2) and how we can use display list to create different letters. 3O_displayList.cpp

Mon Feb 7
Continue with Chapter (2)
Summary and Sample Codes
Snow Flakes Program

Fri Feb 4
Lab (2)

Wed Feb 2
Assignment(3) Due
Assignment (4) - Due Fab 11.
Chapter (3)
Discuss the Snow Flakes program.
Discussed Double buffering.
Discussed the 3-D Gasket with/without depth removal.
Discussed Display List.
Discuss an Example of Display List.

Mon Jan 31
Finished Chapter (2)
Jan 31 Sample program ViewPort
Discuss the Gasket Program with lines (triangles).
Example of Bit-Map-Font with mouse control

Fri Jan 28
Quiz (3)
Continued with Chapter (2)
Assignment(3) - Due Feb 2
Post Lab(1) Due
Talk about 2-D transformations Transformations Worksheet

Wed Jan 26
Continued with Chapter (2)
Jan 26 Sample programs

Mon Jan 24
Continued with Chapter (2)
Solved and discussed problems on Assignment(1)

Fri Jan 21
Lab(1) - Room 439 CAP
Assignment(1) Due

Wed Jan 19
Chapter (2) - Through Slide 21.

Mon Jan 17
MLk Holiday

Fri Jan 14
Chapter (1)

Wed Jan 12
Chapter (1)

Mon Jan 10
Syllabus - Introduction
Read Chapter (1).