Assignment (4) – Graphics
Due Feb. 11, 2005
Write an OpenGL program that uses a recursive process to create the shapes shown below at different interations.  You can start with a simple version, then by repeating your function calls expand it to include more compliucated cases.  As I illustrated in class and in the sample program for snow flakes, you should have an integer to represent the number of iterations so you can change it as you wish to obtain the shapes for different iterations.  Note that I do not want you to hard code the program for different iterations.  Such program will not receive a good grade.  Basically, by chaning the iteration number, the program should not take a different functions to compute the shape.

You can use the snow flakes program as the base to create the final program.  E-mail the complete program as an attachement to my cs address.  Submit a snapshot of your result for 1, 2, 3, 4, and 4 interations.

This is the output of the simple version of the program at iteration 1; i.e.; n = 1; 
Note that the starting point was a straight line that was made by connecting 2 end points.  Exactly the same as it was for snow flakes.

Simple shape - Iteration 1

Simple Shape - Iteration 2

simple 3
Simple Shape - Iteration 3

The complete program when all parts are included will proced results that look like the following.

Complete version - Iteration 1

Complete Version - Iteration 2

Complete Version - Iteration 3
Complete Version - Iteration 4