Dr. Tashakkori's - CS 4465 Class Activities

Feb. 11.
We talked about rotation and the snow flakes problem given for Assignment (2)
Feb. 8.
Discussed the background information needed for the snow flakes problem. Two pages of handout were given for rotations and trasformation.
Feb. 6.
We finished Chapter (2). Discussed the Sierpinski Gasket completed program and went through the complete program. Quiz (4) was given out. We discussed the Assignment (2) - Due Feb. 13 and went through some of the things that we may need to solve that problem.
Feb. 4.
We continued with Chapter (2).
Feb. 1.
Quiz (3) was given out. We discussed Chapter (2).
Jan. 30
Quiz (2) was given. We discussed Chapter (2). Collected Assignment (1).
Jan. 28
Chapter (2).
Jan. 25
Quiz (1) for 20 points was given. Last pages of handouts (31-33) were given out. We continued with Chapter (1). We are almost done with that chapter.
Jan. 23
Lab (1): Introduction to OpenGL
Jan. 21
MLK Holiday.
Jan. 18.
We continued with Chapter (1). Two more pages of handouts were given out. Next time we will meet in the PC lab
Jan. 16
Fire Alarm, then we started Chapter (1). Six pages of handouts (3 slides per page) were given out. Slides 1-6 were discussed.
Jan. 14
Introduction, Syllabus