CS 4100 - Senior Seminar
Section 101 Course Syllabus - Spring 2003


Professor: Dr. Rahman Tashakkori, e-mail: rt@cs.appstate.edu, Web Page: http://www.cs.appstate.edu/~rt/
Office: CAP 121, Office Phone: 262-7009
Office Hours: MWF: 8:00-9:00, MWF: 11:00-1:00, and Open Door Policy
Class Time/Location: Tuesday 2:00-3:20/CAP 243

About This Course
This course is required for all computer science senior students.   It is designed to certify that computer science students have the necessary communication skills for entering the job market or graduate school.  In this course, students will improve their understanding of computer science field and will learn about computer science opportunities.  The certification is required for graduation and is obtained only by obtaining a grade of C or better in this course.  This course is also designed to provide an opportunity to examine ethical issues in our field.

Topics Covered:
    Investigating issues in the ethics of the field of computer science,
    Preparing for the next step; Writing for and speaking to a professional audience,
    Interviewing techniques,
    Workplace etiquette, and
    Diversity issues.

MAT 1020 or MAT 1025 or equivalent with a grade of C- or higher

Required Text:

Ethics and Computing, Kevin W. Bowyer, 2nd Edition, 2001, IEEE Computer Society Press.

Recommended Texts:
The Craft of Scientific Writing, 3rd Edition, Michael Alley, Springer (c) 1996.

Writing for Success, A comprehensive "User Friendly" Manual for Effecting Communication, Ora L. Plummer and Diola Bagayoko, McGrawHill.

Evaluation and Grading Policy:
You will be expected to do a great deal of reading outside of this class. Some of the material will be in the textbook, but most will have to be found in the library or on the web.  Following is the tentative grading scheme I may use this semester.

                          Presentations                20%
                          Class discussions          20%
                          Interviews                     10%
                          Papers                          20%
                          Resume/Cover letter     10%
                          Text assignments           20%

Please note that, in order for you to graduate, the department must certify that you have demonstrated writing and speaking competence. A grade C or better  (A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C) in CS 4100 demonstrates competence.  Each student will make several oral and written presentations. These presentations will be carefully evaluated on the basis of focus, content, organization, literacy, and style. Students will be given instruction on improving their presentations and will be given an opportunity to show improvement. The grade in the course will be determined by the oral and written presentations.

There will be class discussions, and class participation will be included in the grade.  5 of the class discussion sessions will be led by a pair of students.  These student leaders are responsible for preparing a 10 minute outline/overview of the assigned text chapter, and leading the 30 minute class discussion of this chapter.

All assignments and projects MUST be completed by students individually.  No collaboration are allowed for completing assignments and projects.  Please see the ASU Academic Integrity Policy for a description of the woes that befall a transgressor!

Class Attendance
Since a high percentage of your grade is coming from the class participation and activities, you are expected to attend all class meetings and to participate in the activities of each session. Unexcused absences will adversely affect your grade.  Each unexcused absence results in the drop of one letter grade.  Example: A student with one unexcused absence can no longer make an A, with two absences cannot make an A or a B.
Please note that an excused absence is due to an "Extreme circumstance" such as illnesses, death of a relative, or problems of this nature, you have to present documents (e.g. a letter from a doctor, a letter from a hospital, or an obituary from the funeral).  In such cases, you are responsible to complete the missed assignment or project by the next class.

Grading Scale
A = [90-100]               A- = [88-90)
B+ = [86-88)               B = [80-86)                 B- = [78-80)
C+ = [76-78)               C = [70-76)

Because a grade lower than C does not certify the student, any such grade will require the student to retake the course.  Thus, any such grade is considered a failing grade of F.No incomplete grade will be given in this course.

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