CS4100 - Spring 2002

Requirements for the Second Written Report
First draft due: April 8
Pick up the draft: April 12
Revised paper due: April 15

Write a paper that discusses different computer system security issues. Your discussion should include a review of preventing measures.

Length:  4 pages (single spaced, two columns
Font: 12 point, Times Roman
Margins: one inch up, down, left, and right of the page.  No more than ¼ inch between columns.

Your paper should include
· The title (bold, centered)
· Your name (bold, centered)
· Department of Computer Science (bold, centered)
· Appalachian State University (bold, centered)
· Abstract
· Introduction

The following parts may have sub-titles and multiple parts:
· Background
· Discussion
· Summary and conclusions
· References
· Acknowledgments

You need to include at least two references.  One of the references must be a journal article or a book.  Please note that you cannot list the same web site twice.

Please submit a hardcopy of your paper by the due date and e-mail the final copy after the final revision as an attachment.

Please note that this report is your second report.  There will be deductions for formatting violation, obvious grammatical errors (verb inconsistency, use of I and you, incomplete sentences, and singular-plural mixed up).  There will be a 10% deduction per day for late submissions.