CS3460 -Class Activities

Mon Apr 11
Continue Chapter (5)

Fri Apr 8
Exam 2 Grades
Short discussion of the exam
Start Chapter 5

Wed Apr 6
Exam 2

Mon Apr 4
Finished Chapter (4)
Exam 2 on Wed April 6

Mon Mar 16
Discussed the new program. Here is a document that helps you with the creation of expression tree.

Building Expression Tree without uniary Operator

Mon Mar 14
Solved Assignment (9)

Mon Mar 7, Wed Mar 9, and Fri Mar 11
Off for Spring Break
Study hard and have fun too.

Fri Mar 4
Continue Chapter (4)

Wed Mar 2
Continue Chapter (4)
Assignment (9)

Mon Feb 28
Continue Chapter (4)
Assignment (8) is due by 9:59 pm tomorrow night

Fri Feb 25
Return Exam(1)
Solve Exam(1)
Continue Chapter (4)
Assignment (8) Due 9:59 pm March 1.

Wed Feb 23
Assignment (7) is Due today
Exam(1) - Chapter (1, 2, and 3)

Mon Feb 21
Continue Chapter (4)
A short review for Exam (1)

Fri Feb 18
Start Chapter (4)
Gave out Assignment(7) - Due on Feb. 23
Gave out Assignment(8) - Due on Mar. 1

Wed Feb 16
Continue with Chapter (3)

Mon Feb 14
Continue with Chapter (3)
Program Lab(1) is due by 9:59 pm tomorrow night.

Fri Feb 11
Chapter (3) - Polynomials and Linked List
Radix Sort, Bucket Sort
Quiz(5) - Bucket Sort

Wed Feb 9
Lab (1) - Linked List for objects

Mon Feb 7
Continue with Chapter (3)

Fri Feb 4
Continue with Chapter (3)

Wed Feb 2
Continue Chapter (3)

Mon Jan 31
Assignment (4) - Due
Finish Chapter (2)
Start Chapter (3)
Assignment (5). Put together all the 4 function for the Max Subsequence Sum in one .cpp file. Measure the execution time of each algorithm for different input sizes. I will provide you several input files with different number of data points. You can find the function in this File.
The input file contains an integer on its first line that say how many integers are in the sequence followed by the values for that sequence. Here is an example:

3 4 -2 5
How to measure the execution time of a segment of the code:

Make sure to have:
#include ctime in your program.
Then declare:
long start_time, end_time;

Then in the body of the code, where you want to measure the time. Start the time before the segment you wish to measure, then stop the time. after.
start_time = (long int) clock();
segment of the code you want to measure
end_time = (long int) clock();
Then display the difference between the end_time and the start_time as how long it took for that segment to run.

You can repeat this as many times as you wish for different segments.

Fri Jan 28
Assignment(3) is Due
Assignment(4) was given out. It is due Mon Jan 31.

Wed Jan 26
Continue with Chapter (2)

Mon Jan 24
Continue with Chapter (2)
Assignment (3)

Fri Jan 21
Start Chapter(2)
Solution to Assignment(2) was given out. We will finish Chapter(1)-Review of C++

Wed Jan 19
A Lab on Pointers: Pointers Help Lab
Will solve Assignment(2), will start Review of C++

Mon Jan 17
MLk Holiday

Fri Jan 14
Chapter (1)
Assignment (2) Solve Problems 1.8 (a and c) and 1.12. Due Wednesday Jan 19.

Wed Jan 12
Chapter (1)

Mon Jan 10
Syllabus - Introduction
Read Chapter (1).