Assignment (8)
CS3430 - Due Tuesday March 3 (9:59 pm)
Create a directory assgn8 under 3460 and keep all you files in that directory.

Write a program to check for balancing symbols in a C++ program. You will consider the following pairs in your checking:
/* and */
( and )
[ and ]
{ and }
As we discussed in class, if the program you are checking was not balanced then the stack you are using is not empty when you are done checking the program. In such cases, where your program didn't have a balanced set or sets, you will display the line number or line numbers where the error may have happened. See the example below.

Example input program
int main()
   int x = 3, y = 2;
   if(x > y || (x+2 >= 10)
     cout << "Bye \n";
     cout << "Hi \n";

   return 0;

This program was not balanced:
Line 2: {
Line 4: (
Line 10: } Here are som etest cases: Test Cases

Of course, we know the error was in the second line, but since we didn't pop the { with }, they have stayed on the stack and thus we have reported an error.

For 10 points bonus check for pairs of " " and ' '.