CS 2440 - CSII

Summer 2004

Course Syllabus

Professor: Dr. Rahman Tashakkori
Office: CAP 121
Office Phone: 262-7009
Office Hours: MTW 12:00-2:00, and whenever my office door is open.
Class Time/Location: MTWRF 10:20-12:30 am/Room 337 CAP.
Lab Location: Depending on availability: X-Lab or PC Lab
First Day: Tuesday May 25   Final Exam for this course: Last Day of Class
Professor's e-mail:  rt@cs.appstate.edu
Professor's Web Page: http://www.cs.appstate.edu/~rt/

Course Description
This course follows CS 1440. You will study some advanced C++ programming topics including classes, templates, pointers, and dynamic memory allocation. These topics are presented in the context of studying elementary data structures and algorithms: stacks, queues, linked lists, sorting, searching, and recursion. In addition, various software engineering topics related to writing larger programs (up to 1000 lines of code), like style, design, and testing, will be emphasized in programming assignments.

Computer Science - I (CS 1440) with grade C or higher.  It is assumed that a student has a working knowledge of elementary C++ programming (types, if, while, arrays, functions with parameters, simple classes). You should review these basic C++ concepts within the first week of class.

Data Structures and Other Objects Using C++ , Second Edition, by Main and Savitch, Addison Wesley, 2001

Additional Reading:
ACM and IEEE Code of Ethics and Professional Conducts.

Grading Policy
The following grading scale will used in this course:
                        5 Exams 25% (5% each),
                        Final exam, 10%,
                        In-class programs, Quizzes 20%,
                        Ethics assignment 10%
                        Lab Assignments 35%

These assignments are usually from the authors of your book and are shorter and more focused than programs. They generally require less than a week to perform. For most labs, automated grading programs allow you to test your assignment before turning it in.

Program grades are normally counted twice due to the amount of work required to write correct programs. On the due date, turn in what you have done for partial credit (this helps your grade much more than a zero). See the document Program Grading Criteria for more details on how programs are graded. Late programs are subject to a penalty and will not be accepted once an assignment has been graded.

Ethics Assignment
There will be a special ethics assignment that will involve some research, writing, and presentation to the class. The presentations will take place during the last week of class.

Chapter Tests
As we finish a chapter, we will usually have a test on that chapter. There will be approximately 7 tests. Some chapters may be combined with one another or with the final exam. No makeup tests will be given. For each test missed the final exam grade replaces the missed test grade. In addition, the final exam grade will replace any regular test grades that are lower than the final exam grade.

Students are required to attend all classes.  Each unexcused absence will result in 5 points deduction from the overall semester grade. A student with more than 2 absences (excused or unexcused) are encouraged to drop the course.  A student with 3 or more missing classes will receive an F for the course.

All assignments are due before the start of the class on the due date.  No assignment will be accepted once the solution is discussed in the class.   No make-up exams will be given in this course.  If you missed an exam due to an "Extreme circumstances" such as illnesses, death of a relative, or problems of this nature, you have to present documents (e.g. a letter from a doctor, a letter from a hospital, or an obituary from the funeral).  In such cases, student's final exam's grade will be used for the missed exam.

All assignments and programs MUST be completed by students individually.  You may discuss the assignments and programs among each other but you have to write/edit programs by YOURSELF.   Please see the ASU Academic Integrity Policy for a description of the woes that befall a transgressor!

Grading Scale
        A- = 90 to 92.99            A = 93 to 100
        B- = 80 to 82.99             B = 83 to 86.99        B+ = 87 to 89.99
        C- = 70 to 72.99             C = 73 to 76.99       C+ = 77 to 79.99
        D- = 60 to 62.99             D = 63 to 66.99        D+ = 67 to 69.99
        Below 60 is an F.

No incomplete grade will be given.

Important Note
If you have a question send me e-mail at any time, and I will try to reply to your e-mail as soon as possible.  I encourage all students to communicate with me using e-mail whenever they have questions.

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