Program Grading Criteria

Of course the main criteria in grading a program is whether or not the program solves the assigned problem. However, the style of the program will also weigh heavily in the grading of programming assignments. See the department style guidelines. Programs are usually worth 100 points with points awarded as follows (these points are approximate and may vary for different programs):

Criteria Points
The program output meets specifications (correctness) 65
Visual clarity of program source 5
Good use of functions and data structures 5
Clear and concise documentation 10
Runtime behavior (e.g., robustness, output format) 15

The highest grade possible for a program that contains syntax errors is 25.

The highest grade possible for a program that contains ``major'' runtime errors is 50.

Due Dates

Programs are normally due by midnight on the due date. You will leave all the files that I need to run in the directory that is indicated in the description of the program or the lab. All of the files that are required to compile and run your program must be there. You may also incldue a README file to explain something about your program.