Assignment (1)
CS1440 Due Monday June 3

1.We have designed the algorithm to solve the quadratic equation:

y = ax2+bx+c

The solution to a 2nd order quadratic equation, y = ax2+bx+c, is:

In our case, a, b, and c are input real values.

The program must consider all possible solutions and must be able to solve all possible cases and/or display appropriate message for the cases that is unable to solve.

Your program will ask users to enter y or Y to compute another equation, any other letter will terminate the program.

You need to include a good documentation at the top of your program:
Your name:
Description of the Program:
Inputs (precondition):
Outputs (postcondition):
Please make sure your variable names are meaningful and you have correctly indented the program.  To learn about the style, see the Program Style (2.5) in Chapter 2.


Enter values for a, b, and c (separate by a blank space):

Your answer the eaquation with a =  ? ,  b = ?, and c = ?, is :
x1 =  . and  x2 ..

If there is no answer, then display appropriate message.

Do you wish to solve another equation?  Enter y or Y to continue.

Submit your program using:  ~rt/bin/submit1440_102  A1   YourProgram.C