CS 1440 Lab 6

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Chapter 5 in your text discusses the material you learned in this lab.  You are expected to read the chapter.

The Post-Lab assignment requires you to use many of the functions/concepts covered in today's lab. Name the source file vcounts.C

Your program will read each character in a normal ASCII text file, determine how many times each vowel (a,e,i,o,u) appears in the text, and produce a report on its findings. The output to be displayed on the monitor by your program is:

This program will prompt you for the name of a file containing
text to analyze.  After reading all of the text in the file, a
report listing the number of times each vowel appears in the text
will be placed in the file results.dat
Enter the name of the file: lab6.dat
Processing complete.  Output file: results.dat

After running your program the file results.dat will look something like the following (the counts will depend on the input file):

Input file: lab6.dat

Vowel     Count
    a        28 
    e        42 
    i       19 
    o        15
    u        6

Program requirements: