CS 1440 Lab 1

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  1. What does the Unix command   cd  ..  do?
  2. Use the help inside Pico to answer the following questions:
    1. What keystroke command do you use to get to the next line (it’s not the arrow key)?
    2. What keystroke command do you use to go to the next page (or screenful) in your file?
    3. Figure out how to cut and paste a single line.
  3. Make two copies of your 1440/Lab1/hello.C file called hello2.C and myhello.C.
  4. Edit hello2.C so that it says “Hello World” 10 times.  HINT: Don’t just type it 9 more times.  Use Pico’s cut-and-paste.
  5. Edit myhello.C so that it says Hello to You (e.g.,  “Hello Alfred Neuman”).
  6. Print out the hello2.C and myhello.C program files to turn in.