Pre Lab for Extra(1)
Complete this pre lab before you start the lab. You can use your book.

1. You read in your book that a byte can hold 8 bits.  How many bytes do you need to store 128 bits of data?

2. Through which one of the following do we communicate with a computer?

a. Operating Systems
b. Central Processing Unit
c. Random Access Memory
d. Secondary Memory

3. Which one of the main memory or secondary memory

a. has a larger storage capacity?
b. is usually more expensive?
c. is usually faster?
d. keeps the data temporarily?
e. keeps the data permanently?

4. Which one(s) of the following statements are correct?

a. C++ is a high-level language because it is close to human language.
b. C++ is a low-level language because we type and compile it on a computer
c. C++ is a low-level language because it will be translated to assembly language by compiler
d. C++ is a high-level language because it contains instructions that are not simple enough for computer to understand

5. Which phase of the Problem Design Process is more important?
a. the problem solving phase?, or
b. the implementation phase?


6. Is there a difference between the following Unix commands;
    a. ls -la
    b. ls -al