CS 1440 Lab 1

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Activity 1-1: Logging In

Activity Goals

Activity Procedure

The pre-lab provided background on the Windows/UNIX environment.  Here we’ll just jump in and get our hands dirty.  As you perform the following steps keep the bigger picture in mind.  (The bigger picture is using the Telnet Windows application to log into the CS department’s UNIX server.)

  1. Select "Telnet" by navigating with your mouse:
    1. Click on the "Start" button in the taskbar.
    2. Point to "Programs" in the Start Menu
    3. Point to "Telnet and FTP" in the Programs Menu
    4. Point to "Unix" in the Telnet Menu
    5. Click on "cs" in the Unix Menu
  2. You should get a new window on your screen that is mostly black. In this window you are being prompted for your "login:".
  3. Find out your username and password from your instructor.
  4. Enter your username (e.g., Alfred Newman's is an12345)
    Enter your password (for security reasons, it won't display as you type).
  5. If everything works, you should see an informational message displayed in your telnet window.  You should also see a % character followed by a blinking cursor.  This % character is called the “prompt.”

    If something went wrong, you will prompted for your username (and then password) again.  Only try a couple of times on your own before notifying your instructor. 


CONGRATULATIONS!  You have successfully logged in.

Now we need to change your password.  Your password should be something that you can remember easily (without needing to write it down), but that is not a word in the dictionary or about you (name, birthday, etc.). 

  1. At the prompt, tell UNIX you wish to change your password by giving it the proper command as shown below (don’t type the % though!):
                   %   passwd
  2. Then follow the directions to choose your own password.


Activity Followup

Congratulations on successfully logging into the "cs" machine.
It is extremely important that you become comfortable with logging in, so let's make sure you really know how to do it!
Logout by typing the word "exit" (without the quotation marks) at the Unix prompt.  Your telnet window should disappear.
Now login again to the "cs" machine.  Remember that you changed your password, so use the new one.  Try to do it without looking at the Activity Procedure!