CS1440 - Extra Lab (1)

Objectives of this extra Lab are:
 To implement all the steps required in software design
 To utilize different variable types, conditional statements, and looping

You need to create a directory extra1 under 1440.  Change to that directory and complete your work there.

Activity (1):
An employee is paid at a rate of $16.78 per hour for his/her regular hours worked in a week.  Any hours over that are paid at the overtime rate of one and one half (1.5 ) times that.  Here is what is happening to the money that the employee makes.  From the worker's gross pay:

Your program will read: Output:
Your program will display the following with appropriate labels: Post Lab
This extra lab does not have a post lab, however your instructor may give you an assignment that should be completed by the lab time next week.