Dr. Tashakkori's - CS1440 Class Activities

Feb. 12
Lab 4 . Assigment (2) was collected. Quiz (6) was returned.
Feb. 11
We continued with functions in Chapter (3).
Feb. 8
Quiz (6) was given. We continued with functions in Chapter (3).
Feb. 6
Quiz (5) was given. The quiz was to write a program to divide 2 real values using a function div_xy. The function is to receive the x and y and returns the x/y whenever possible. If division was not possible, it would return 0.
The objective sheet for Chapter (3) and the new assignment Assignment (2) - Due Feb. 13 was given out.
We continued with our dicussion in Chapter (3) and discussed the importance of ordering of parameters in functions.
There will be a workshop 5-7 pm in room 439 on Thursday Feb. 7.
Feb. 5.
We had the first extra lab today. The lab Extra1 was a programming assignment that must be completed in the lab.
Feb. 4.
We started Chapter (3) and discussed predefined functions and had several examples. The pre-lab for Extra Lab (1) was given out
Feb. 1.
Quiz (4) was given. We went through the last part of Chapter (2).
Jan. 30
Quiz (3) was given. We continued with Chapter (2).
Jan. 29
We worked on Lab (3) .
Jan. 28.
We worked on Chapter (2).
Jan. 25
Quiz (2) for 50 points was given. Continued with the if, if ... else, and if ... else if ... else. We talked about the Post-lab 2. Assignment (1) which is the same as Post-Lab (2) was given out. The solution to quadratic equation was given out as a flowchart. Grades for Assignment (0), Quiz (1) was given out. Solution to Quiz (2) was given out and was discussed in class.
Jan. 23
We continued with Chapter (1) and discussed the solution to the quadratic equation. We went through the Objective Sheet for Chapter (1). Everything in Chapter (1) is covered. A short quiz was given, Quiz (1). Lab (1) was returned
Jan. 22
Lab (2) Collected Lab (1): Cover sheet, Prelab, printouts, and the post-lab. Gave out the Post-lab for Lab (2), and signed the Pre-lab for lab 2.
Jan. 21
MLK Holiday.
Jan. 20
Continued with Chapter (1). We discussed problem solving issues. Simple C++ code.
Jan. 18
We continued with Chapter (1). We talk about binary number system, memory address, process of compilation and running a program, and steps in designing a program.
Mentioned that telnet cs.appstate.edu and telnet cs.cs.appstate.edu are the same. If you couldn't connect, try the second one.

Jan. 16
We started Chapter (1) of the book. The objective sheet was given out.
Reading Assignment: Read Chapter (1)
Jan. 15
Assignment (0) was given out - Due Friday Jan. 18
Here is what you need to do: By the next lab get the Lab (1) exercise done and submit the Lab (1) Prelab, printouts that you got during the lab, and the post lab for Lab(1).
You also need to do the prelab for Lab (2) by the lab time next Tuesday. The pre-lab for Lab (2), will be avialable on the web by Friday Jan. 18

Jan. 14
Introduction, Syllabus