Assignment (0)
(100 points)
Given on: Tuesday Jan. 15   Due: Friday Jan. 18

For this assignment, you need to go through the UNIX short manual first to learn about the commands and how to do different things on a UNIX machine.  If you follow all the instructions given in the Step (1) of the manual, you will end up with several files.  In Step (2), you learn to compile a C++ code and run it.  In Step (3), you will learn to create a file that records all your activities until you decide to terminate the recording.  You also learn to mail a file electronically.
Here is what you need to do: (2 problems)

1) Soon, I will send you an e-mail with several questions in it.  Read the e-mail using pine and then reply to that e-mail to me only. Please make sure not to reply to all students on the list.  To reply to an e-mail, you will press r in Pine.  Then, you will be asked whether you want to reply to all, the answer is no.  You can also copy and paste the questions in a blank mail and send the mail to me.  As long as I get an e-mail from you with the answers, you will be give the credit.
2)  You need to follow all the instructions on the Unix short manual and e-mail me the file that you have created at the end.  Actually, if you follow all the instructions, at the very last line of that manual, you will run this command:
% mail  rt < typescript.

That is how you sent the typescript file to me.

NOTE: In order to make sure that you are sending the e-mail correctly, you can first send the file to yourself and then check your e-mail using Pine to see if it is correct. If it was, then send the file to me.  Please note that you do not need to create the file again.  Once you create the file, it stays there and will be there until you delete it.  So do not go through the entire process to create the file again.

In order to send the file to yourself, simply replace your id with mine in this line:
 % mail  rt < typescript, for your it will become:  % mail  YourID  < typescript.

Objectives of this assignment:
 Learning to read and send e-mails.
 Learning some of the UNIX commands and be able to carry them out.
 Create an script file that records all the actions and e-mail that.

Resource: The Pine manual under our web page, the UNIX short manual, and the instructions given on Lab (1).

Your grade: Based on two e-mails that I will receive from you, each 50 points.