Assignment (4) - CS1440
Due: Thursday March 22

Write a C++ code to solve Problem 12 on page 219 in Chapter (4).  Your code should use number of days to stop the code.  Thus, you will ask users the number of days that they want to compute the wind chill and compute the wind chill for all those days.  Your code should have a function Description to say what the code is doing, a function Instruction to tell users how they can run the code, and the Print_it function that prints a value, x,  that is passed to it as a parameter and displays that value with n decimal point.  n is another parameter that is passed to this function.  I have given you this function in one my example codes in class.  Please note that this three functions are in addition to what you wish to include and what the problem has already asked you to write.

Here is a good resource for data on Boone's weather:
Boone Weather Archive
Please check the Year 2000 Month by Month Summary.