Class Activities

Mon Nov. 10
We have gone through friend function and overloading in the past few days. Here is an example of a simple program that compares two dates (possibly birthdates) to see whether they are the same. click here to see the program.
Then we went ahead and wrote this program to include a friend function. See how different this program is with the previous one. To see the program with a friend function click here .

The next thing we did we wrote this program again but this time we overloaded the operator '==' to check the equality of two objects using object1 == object2. We were unable to do this before, why? To get this we made a few changes in the previous program. Click here to get the program with an overloaded operator (==).
In the previous program we used the frind function to overload the operator. But can we overload an operator without using the friend function? Yes. Here is the program.

Friday Oct. 31
Here is a summary of what we have done with struct and classes in the past 3 or 4 class sessions. Click here to get the file.

Mon Sep. 1
Labor Day Holiday - Have a good short break.

Fri Aug. 29
Simple C++ program, Quiz (2).  Finish Chapter (1), Start Chapter (2) - Section 2.1 and 2.2

Wed Aug. 27
Chapter 1, Problem Solving and Programming, Quiz (1).  Section 1.1 and 1.2

Mon. Aug. 25
Syllabus, Computer Usage Policy

Mon. Jan. 27

Wed. Jan. 29

Fri. Jan.31