CS1440 - Extra Lab (1)

Objectives of this extra Lab are:
 To implement all the steps required in software design
 To utilize different variable types, conditional statements, and looping

You need to create the directory extra1 under directory 1440, change to that directory, and complete your work there.

Activity (1):
An employee is paid at a rate of $16.78 per hour for his/her regular 40 hours of work in a week.  Any hours of work over that is paid at the overtime rate of one and a half (1.5 ) times the regular rate.  However, an employee will not take all this money home.  Here is what is happening to the money that the employee makes:

Your program will read from the keayboard: Output:
Your program will display the following with appropriate labels: Post Lab
This extra lab does not have a post lab, however your instructor may give you an assignment that should be completed by the lab time next week.