Assignment (1) - Post-lab for the Lab "extra"

Section 103 - CS1440, Dr. Tashakkori's class
Due Date: Wednesday Sept. 25 at your 2:00 lecture
Write a program that uses a loop to compute the sum of n consecutive even numbers starting from m. Both m and n are integer values, which will be entered from the keyboard. Note that if m is an even number, the sum includes m in it. If m is an odd number, the sum includes the n even numbers starting from the even number that comes right after m. Some examples:
Inputs:  m = 3, n = 4
sum is:  4+6+8+10
Output:  Sum of 4 consecutive even numbers larger than 3 is:  28

Another example:
Inputs:  m = 6, n = 4
sum is:  6+8+10+12
Output:  Sum of 4 consecutive even numbers starting from 6 is:  36
Create a directory named Postlab in your 1440/extra1 directory and save your program in that directory. Please note that your file must be saved in that directory in order to be graded.

Print a copy of your program (i.e., of the *.C file) and turn it in at your lecture meeting on Wednesday, September 25. In case you've forgotten, you can print the file postlab_x.C in the CAP public lab (room 369) by using the command:

     enscript -Ppublic postlab_x.C