Assignment (9)
Due: Tuesday Dec. 4 - 200 points

Write a program to do some computations based on the choice that the user makes.  The program will read an input file (input.txt) to do the computations.
1. (50 points)
        a) Number of lower case letters occurred in the file,
        b) Number of upper case letters occurred in the file,
        c) Total number of characters.
        d) Statistics of both; i.e., percentage of lower case and percent upper case letters.
Write the result of this calculations into an output file called stats. For this stage, you do not need to be worried about spaces, dot, etc. If it is not lower
Note: You do not need to be worry about characters that are neither lower case nor uppercase, like numbers, special characters, etc..

2. (100 points)
In addition, your program should give an option to:
a) find the number of occurrences of a particular character. It asks the user to input a character.
b) find the number of occurrences of a particular word (string). It asks the user to input a string.
The output of this part can be displayed on the screen.  It will print whether it found the character or the word and at what locations.

3. (50 points)
Search for an string and if it finds it, asks the user to see if he/she want s to replace it with another string that will be typed by the user on the keyboard.

Please note that if this choice was selected, then the entire input file must be written to an output file called output.txt.

4. (50 points bonus)
It founds how many Palindrome words are in the file and display them in an output file called, palindromes.  A Palindrome is a word that its forward and backward are the same.
Example: dad and racecar

Submit your program electronically and a hardcopy in class.  Please note you have to show your proficiency in indentation and comments in your last program.