Assignment (5)/Lab (5) Homework

Due by 11:59 PM Thursday September 27


Your assignment is to finish the draw.C program that was discussed in Lab (5). You will have to work on get_rows, draw_tri, instructions, and menu. Part of wrapping up the program should be the addition of a program header containing your name, your login name, the file name, the date, and a brief description of the program. Your variables should have comments after them stating their purpose. Your code should be written using proper indentation style. Each function prototype should be followed by a comment describing that function.


Please note that the best way to proceed with the design of this program is to first read and understand Lab (5), then to exactly follow the attached structure chart.


Your program must be submitted by midnight Thursday September 27.


Call your program draw.C and submit using the submit command:


~rt/bin/submit1440_103 assgn5 draw.C


Bonus (Challenge) 10 pints extra:

Your program should give an option to users to print the triangle upside down by request. You can set a flag, for instance if user enters a 1 instead of 1, or y instead n print the triangle upside down. Here are the two options you may follow:

Do you wish to print the triangle upside down? In this case the answer is yes (Y or y) or no (n or N). Or you may display: To print the triangle upside down, please enter 1.